The school of your dreams

2 | par Mme Soussana


The name of this school is Barbeduque  ! It’s funny, isn’t it ? Barbeduque is big but the classrooms are very small. At Barbeduque there are 600 pupils and the rules are not strict at all. Nothing is forbidden, we can wear what we want.
We usually start at noon, and pupils have a big break at 2 p.m.!
In my special junior high school there are 3 swimming pools.
It is very nice here... "

by Naïma, 4e 2

"Hi, welcome to School Land !"

In the school, there are two clothing stores, three music stores.
In the cafeteria, there are five fast-food restaurants, there are three candy stores, and there are 10 classrooms and 10 teachers. It’s a very big school. There are two chocolate stores : in the first one, there is a chocolate fountain, an in the second one a pool of milk chocolate !!!
In School Land you can wear what you like, but it must be decent.
You can eat many sweets !
Every morning before class, the pupils sing the Song of the Heart : they look at the school’s flag and they put their hand over their heart..."

by Cecilia, 4e 3

"My imaginary high school name is " Chic School "

It is in Richtown.
In the school there is a cafeteria, there 2 swimming pools, but there isn’t a sport field.
It’s very big and very old. There is a golf course. There are 18 classrooms, there is a hall and a terrace. There is a hall for banquets because the school is very rich : it looks like a castle.
At school, the pupils have to do their homework, they must have their book and raise their hand, they mustn’t run in the halls... They must wear uniforms, and tank tops and dresses are not allowed. They mustn’t show their underwear.
They usually get up at half past nine. They have lunch 1:30 p.m. , and they have lunchbags. The children eat lettuce and soup : their meal is very light !
The subjects are French, tennis, English and golf !"

by Safa, 4e 2

"Hi ! Welcome to a very special junior high school : its name is " Smartschool "

It is a very funny school, but its name is boring ! It’s very big and beautiful.
There isn’t a small canteen, but there are two cafeterias... There is a big swimming pool, there are four computer labs, there are two libraries...
When you want to talk in the classroom, you can raise your hand but it’s not an obligation !"

by Myriam, 4e 2